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Customer Reviews

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Very poor communication

I had to send a couple of emails before i got a response from Michelle— two weeks before she sent me a return email. And you would not feel that she cares.

Must Have Product

Absolutely love the High Chair Food Catcher! It is definitely a must have item and I recommend it to everyone who has kids! Obsessed with this product!!!

Pressie for xmas

Looks very sturdy&good quality most happy with


Works so well and so easy to clean

Better suited to small blocks like Lego compared to Duplo, this mat was smaller than I expected.

It would work better for smaller toys like Lego, compared to bigger toys like Duplo. The blocks spread out far off the mat, so it takes almost as much time to push the blocks onto the mat and then drop them into the box, than to put them into the box directly. It seems similar to just using a normal blanket and rolling it up and making an opening at the end to drop the toys into the toybox. The V shaped Velcro creates quite a large opening, I would’ve preferred a zip to be able to control the size of the opening. I haps this will become more relevant as the children grow older and use smaller blocks and toys.

Catches all the flying food and spoons!

This food catcher is a life saver! Spared me a lot of effort and pain trying to clean the floor and pick up the food bits from the ground. My girl still chucks her spoon outside the catcher sometimes but the catcher has caught it 80% of the time and I can reuse the spoon. I use to bring 10 spoons to the table to feed her and now I only need 2! Win :)

Brick & Toy tipper mat

Haven’t used it yet as it’s a gift but it looks great and your service was incredibly quick and easy.

Baby & Toddler Feeding Set

This is such a great product. The silicone is nice a thick which allows for a very sturdy plate and bowl. The colour is beautiful and the suction actually sticks. I am very happy with my purchase 😚

Life changing

The high chair food catcher is genius. Makes my life so much easier & my house so much cleaner.

Great product

Excellent customer service. Love using the products.

So practical!

Saves so much time cleaning up and saves the mess on the floor! Love it!!

, time saver, mess saver, simple to use must have item

Bought this after seeing it advertised on Instagram. Loved the watermelon pattern. Material is easy to clean, a wipe down is enough as it is waterproof. Easy to install. Versatile design, adaptable to most high chairs. Love that it is Aussie made and designed. Such a simple but great idea. Every time Amara drops her spoon, I don't have to worry about the dogs getting to it or it being covered in floor germs or having to bend down to get it. Love this item and can't recommend it highly enough. Thank you for making meal times less stressful!


Makes meal times less stressful and more fun. Perfect investment. Great quality too

High Chair Food Catcher

One of the best baby products I never knew I always needed!

I bought one of these on the recommendation of a friend and I have not been disappointed! So much so, that when I found out I was having twins, one of the first things I did was buy a second one of these!

Food time with babies is sooo messy and this makes the clean up so much easier! Catches most of the food (except the stuff baby manages to fling over their shoulder). Wipes down easily. Machine washes easily. Definitely recommend.

Flamingo food catcher

Love the product because it’s so easy to clean and I have a lot of cleaning up with twins!

Amazing- an essential must!!!!!

Amazing product. After my first I knew I needed a different solution than a mat on the floor with my 2nd. Especially with BLW. This is the best product. Highly, highly recommend. Buy two so you can cycle them through the wash.


What a game changer! No more food on the floor. So easy to wipe down. Wouldn't live without one!

Clean house now - love it!

I can’t believe how much time I used to spend on my hands and knees after every mealtime cleaning the floor! The high chair food catcher has taken the slog out of mealtimes. I’m so much more relaxed - the children can really enjoy their food now without me hovering with a wipe.

Out and about portable straps
Gabriela Chouja

Great product iv ever bought.
Used it for my first child and now passed it on to my second child.
Do need more Velcro straps

High Chair Food Catcher - Toucan

Great Product

This is a great product. I had it shipped to the US because I couldn't find anything similar here and it did not disappoint. I only wish there were colors/patterns a bit more muted that blended in with our decor better (also the "wild life tribe" pattern might be a little...dated). Overall it keeps my floor clean, is easy to clean up, and has made my days a little less stressful, which is all you can ask for as a mom!

Absolutely love this! Keeps my floors clean and super easy to clean out. Thank you. Makes my life easier!

Good product

Far less clean up time, easy to clean and attach. Would definitely recommend.

Love it!

Saves so much floor cleanup. Definitely awesome.