Designed with the two biggest parenting chores in mind - Use and clean up.

Effective products that require minimal maintenance.

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Mess under a high chair solutions
The high chair Food Catcher Contains the mess

High chair Food Catcher


Tipper Toy Mat


GAME CHANGER! My lord I was sick of getting on my hands and knees to clean up after every meal.time! This product has enabled me to sit back and let my bub take control of her eating, because I'm not so concerned about my floors and the clean up afterwards!!

Heidi T

I NEEDED THIS MONTHS AGO!! I’ve bought a LOT of unnecessary ‘stuff’ for my baby over the last year and I’m so happy that this falls into the category of Money Well Spent! It’s super practical, fits our bog-standard Ikea high chair perfectly and it washes and dries SO well! Plus, it’s one less thing for me trip over (goodbye comedy slips on banana on the old style floor mat!) and LOOKS GOOD too. So much baby paraphernalia looks gaudy and rubbish. This is Brilliant.

Bethany I

BEST TIME-SAVING PRODUCT. I am finding the clean up time after meals so quick and easy. We no longer have ants swarming around the bottom of the high chair. The inside fabric of the catcher is waterproof and shiny so it wipes away with ZERO scrubbing - even if it’s dried up from the night before. I love this product.

Anna G