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About Mumma's Little Helpers

Our Story

Mumma’s Little Helpers is here for parents, with products that just make life easier. Lyndsey (Founding Director) created Mumma's Little Helpers from an idea - Food Catchers. She wanted her youngest boy then nine months (who had the appetite of a teenager already) to experience playing with his food, dropping his food and generally making a giant mess but she felt she couldn't commit to the techniques of baby led weaning when all she would think is mess, mess, mess. Then (as her oldest would say) "TA DAAA" food catchers popped into her head. After considerable research, prototypes and material tests we are extremely proud to say they are here!  So we start Mumma’s Little Helpers with Food Catchers to protect parents sanity and IKEA Antilop high chair Hoods to protect little head bumps. As the company grows we will be introducing more products that make parents' life easier.


Please feel free to contact us with any feedback or questions, all is very welcomed and appreciated.